October 14, 2019

Smart Meters: who wants one?

Smart meters are a key building block for a smarter energy system. In part of Europe, industry 'push' has already rolled them out. In others there's more reliance on customer pull. In this episode we focus on the 'pull', exploring how the benefits of smart meters are being framed and communicated to customers. Rob Cheesewright, Director of Corporate Affairs at industry body Smart Energy GB, Chris Fleck, CTO at Onzo and Delta-EE expert David Trevithick join Jon Slowe to discuss experiences in the UK and Europe. 

In this episode we bring you some highlights from the Delta-EE European Heat Summit, held in London at the end of September. We look at how the heating sector in Europe is changing - the opportunities, the challenges and the dynamics in the market. Jon Slowe is joined by Principal Analyst and Head of Heat Research at Delta-ee, Lindsay Sugden. Jon also talks to 3 of our Summit speakers: John Tillema, Founder and CTO of TWTG; Paul Schwartz, CEO of Thermolift Inc and Mark Wheeldon, Hydrogen Programme Manager at SGN. Find out more about our Summit on our website here.

The practicalities and economics of energy storage are improving rapidly year on year. As are the drivers for storage. In this episode, Jon Slowe is joined by Andy Bradley, Director at Delta-EE; Eva Chamizo Llatas, President of EASE (The European Association for Storage of Energy) and Director of European Affairs at Iberdrola; and Patrick Clerens, Secretary General at EASE. We discuss where the European energy storage market has got to today, the key issues in the market and where it’s headed.

Decarbonising heat is arguably the biggest challenge in decarbonising our energy system. Does hydrogen provide the answer? In this weeks episode Jon Slowe is joined by James Watson, Secretary General at Eurogas and Rob Bloom, Analyst at Delta-EE whereby we explore the role that hydrogen might play, and what progress we're seeing.

As energy becomes more and more distributed, there is an array of local energy initiatives building across Europe. In this episode, we explore which form these are taking, and the different factors driving them.

What goes on in Brussels matters hugely for the transition to new energy in Europe. The Clean Energy Package sets out the frameworks and rules within which national legislation is set. Often the devil is in the detail of these frameworks and rules. In this episode, Delta-ee director and host Jon Slowe talks with Executive Director of smartEn Frauke Theis and Secretary General at the European Heating Industry Federica Sabbati, two people deeply involved in shaping what comes out of Brussels.

In the ‘old energy’ world, distribution networks managed the downwards flow of electricity and gas from the transmission system to customers. As the transition from ‘old’ to ‘new’ energy gathers pace, the role of distribution networks is changing. In this episode, we are joined by Pallas Agterberg, Director at Alliander and Dave Openshaw, Director at Millhouse Power, to discuss how they are changing, and where they are headed.

In this episode we explore how energy sector incumbents are responding to the transition – and associated disruption – from ‘old’ to ‘new’ energy. Host and Delta-EE Director Jon Slowe is joined by consultant Eric Morel, who has been working with energy companies across Europe to help them manage how they are responding to the energy transition.

Jon and Eric discuss and exchange views on the challenges energy companies face and the different ways they’re responding.


Usual host Jon Slowe is on holiday, so we are joined this week by Delta-EE's Head of Consulting, Charmaine Coutinho, and Digital Research expert, David Trevithick. They are speaking to Paul Mordant, CEO of Edelia and François Gonczi, Chief Digital Officer at EDF, about energy insights related to consumption.

In this week's episode, Jon Slowe is joined by Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy, to discuss the energy market, disruption in energy and transport, and the ways in which the energy, heating and transport sectors are converging.

There will be no podcast w/c 15th July as we're on holiday! Join us again later in the month for the end of series 2.

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