In a world where energy is more distributed, more customer-centric, and more service-focused, energy insights will be at the heart of the relationship between customers and their energy retailers, or energy service providers. In this episode we're looking at what energy insights will be able to do for customers in Europe in the future, and how we’ll get there. We're joined by Håkan Ludvigson, CEO of Eliq, Ronald Root, Data Science Enabler at Eneco, and Delta-EE expert David Trevithick.

Energy is still, globally, dominated by fossil fuels. Companies along the value chain – from fuel extraction through to fuel utilisation – are starting to move to new energy, at various paces. In this episode Jon Slowe is joined by Chris Goodall. Chris is a writer on the energy transition as well as a businessperson and investor in the green economy. His latest book ‘What We Need To Do Now’ puts forward an outline plan for the complete decarbonisation of the UK economy. Jon and Chris explore the impacts of the energy transition on the fossil fuel value chain, and compare and contrast how companies are responding. 

In this episode we discuss how the current COVID-19 crisis is affecting the transition from old to new energy, and what it is likely to mean for the months and years ahead. Jon Slowe is joined by Delta-EE colleagues Andy Bradley, Roxanne Pieterse and Nigel Timperley.

May 5, 2020

Smart EV Charging

In this episode we're talking about charging electric vehicles (EVs), and specifically optimising when electric vehicles charge at home. Home is where most people, if they can, will charge their vehicles. Some people are already being smart about when they charge. And as EV sales keep increasing, companies in the electricity system value chain will want to avoid the impacts of everyone plugging in at the same time, and utilise the benefits that flexible charging can bring. Host Jon Slowe will be joined by Nick Woolley, CEO of, Carsten Bruns, Managing Director at beegy, along with Delta-EE expert, William van der Byl. Visit to let us know your ideas for future episodes.

In this episode, we’ll be exploring the twin and related themes of residential-scale energy storage and resilience. Residential-scale energy storage is still only a small dot on the wider electricity system landscape. Most of us take the resilience of our electricity system for granted, but energy storage is going to become a much bigger part of the system and resilience will come into focus more and more. Host Jon Slowe will be joined by Graham Turk from energy retailer Green Mountain Power in the USA, along with Delta-EE expert Jeremy Harrison.

In this episode we broaden our focus from Europe and mature economies to Bangladesh, exploring how innovative organisation ME Solshare is using solar homes and peer to peer microgrids to empower rural communities. Jon Slowe is joined by Delta-EE expert, Nigel Timperley, who speaks with Sebastian Groh from ME Solshare in Bangladesh.

In this episode we explore the perspectives of two different types of companies in the area of EVs and e-mobility. Our first guest is John Rydberg, Head of E-Mobility Europe at Alpiq, a Swiss-based utility, with a turnover of around €5bn and active across 25 countries. Our second guest is Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb, a new company which focuses on EV charging and data infrastructure. We're also be joined by Delta-EE expert, Abhishek Sampat. We’ll explore each company’s activities and approach, with a focus on both public charging infrastructure and on fleets.

Energy storage is riding on the back of the photovoltaics boom in Australia, with a growing momentum of networking batteries together to form virtual power plants. In this episode Jon Slowe talks with two people driving this forward: Alice Lang, Head of Future Business Strategy & Operations with utility company AGL; and Alan Reid, Head of Operations at VPP company Reposit Power. Joined by Delta-EE expert Jenny Carson, we explore how virtual power plants are emerging in Australia.

Spoiler alert: this isn't just about blockchain. It's about companies that are solving problems in the energy transition - who happen to be using blockchain as part of their solution. In this episode Jon Slowe talks with Christopher Burgahn, Product & Partner Manager, Share and Charge Foundation; Joanna Hubbard, Co-Founder and CEO at Electron; and Delta-EE expert Neil Atterbury, exploring the role that blockchain is playing in the transition from old to new energy.

Following our Europe-Japan New Energy Forum held in Tokyo in February 2020, host Jon Slowe discusses how the energy transition is unfolding in Japan. He is joined by Hideo Yamamoto, Director of ABeam Consulting, and Delta-EE's Leon Gielen.

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