In this episode, Jon Slowe speaks to Laurent Schmitt of dcbel and Digital4Grids. They talk about the differences between the 'old' energy world and the new energy sector, and the energy transition.

October 13, 2021

Women in New Energy

This episode is dedicated to the topic of women in new energy. The episode is hosted by Jennifer Arran, Head of Products at Delta-EE, who interviews leading women at forefront of the energy transition. We discuss the challenges they face, but also highlight why and how gender equality can support the energy transition and its overall success. Jennifer is joined by Laetitia Ouillet, Chairperson of De Windvogel, a Dutch Energy Cooperative; and Dhara Vyas, Head of Future Energy Services at Citizens Advice.

In this episode Jon talks with Petr Mikovec, chairman of the board at Inven Capital, the venture capital fund backed by the Czech Utility CEZ. Leading the fund for over 7 years, Petr and Jon talk about his time in utility venture capital, his experiences of working with start-ups and what drives their success, and the energy transition.

DSOs will be increasingly in the spotlight as the energy transition gathers pace. In this episode, we host a panel discussion between two of Europe’s leading DSOs. They discuss the top three opportunities and challenges they see for their companies and the wider DSO sector. Host Jon Slowe is joined by Viviana Vitto, Head of Market Strategy and Regulatory Analysis at Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks, and Suleman Alli, Director of Strategy and Customer Service at UK Power Networks.

In this episode we’re looking at how local energy solutions can be used for new housing developments and wider new build and regeneration projects. Can clever software optimise demand, storage, and generation to make these developments more energy independent? Such developments will still have a grid connection, but will be less reliant on the grid and could even operate independently from the grid should the grid go down? And what are the business models and commercial arrangements for such developments? To explore this area, Jon Slowe is joined by Philip Gladek, Founder and CEO at Netherlands-based Spectral; Dan Nicholls, Managing Director at SNRG, based in the UK; and Delta-EE expert Jeremy Harrison.

Delta-EE's Senior Leadership Team share their thoughts on where they see the energy transition after the first six months of 2021, and as the world starts to get ready to get back to (almost) normal. They discuss their thoughts on the latest news in this space, covering topics such as new energy investments, oil majors in trouble, new majors in renewable energies, the green recovery, and new innovations.

September 6, 2021

Utility venture capital

Traditional utilities are evolving fast to navigate and help drive the energy transition. As part of this evolution, a number have established venture capital teams, investing in innovative companies at the leading edge of the transition. In this episode, Jon Slowe talks with two people from utility venture capital funds, exploring their aims, investments, and experiences. He is joined by Terhi Johanna Vapola, Head and Founder of Helen Ventures in Finland; and Jan Lozek, Founding and Managing Partner at Future Energy Ventures, owned by E.ON in Germany.

Big oil is engaging with the energy transition in a number of ways – from building large scale renewables to rolling out electric vehicle charge points and many more. Quite how major oil companies pivot their businesses towards the energy transition is a fascinating topic.

Today we’re looking into one of the ways that BP in engaged in the energy transition, through a subsidiary of Lightsource BP, a developer of large-scale solar projects that is 50% owned by BP. The subsidiary, Lightsource Labs, is focusing on the ‘grid edge’, and bringing products to market for residential customers.

Host Jon Slowe is joined by Ann Davies, COO of Lightsource BP; Charlie Vey, Head of International Development at Lightsource Labs and Delta-EE expert Charmaine Coutinho.

In this episode, we’re looking at sustainability in the water sector, and seeing what we in the energy sector can learn from that. Host Jon Slowe is joined by Frantz Beznik, Global Head of Sustainable Innovation and Senior R&D Director at Procter and Gamble, the global consumer goods corporation behind brands such as Head and Shoulders, Fairy and Gillette. Frantz is leading an initiative called the “50 litre home”, reducing our daily water consumption from 100s of litres a day down to 50 litres. What can we in the energy sector learn from this? And what can we learn from a company like Procter and Gamble that has a laser-like focus on customers, something that the energy sector is still working towards.

June 14, 2021

Smarter grids in action

In this episode, we’re delving into smart grids, and the integration of distributed assets into both distribution networks and other parts of the energy system. It’s amazing how electricity networks have changed in some parts of the world in the last twenty years. Huge amounts of distributed generation have been connected to networks at a scale that some people would not have thought possible at the turn of the century. But having said that, we’re only part-way through the transformation that’s taking place in electricity networks. To explore this area, host Jon Slowe is joined by Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Head of Smart Grid Development at UK Power Networks; Graham Ault, Executive VP at Smarter Grid Solutions; and Delta-EE expert Jon Ferris.

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